Travel & Transportation

Verde Tech Systems helps travel and transportation companies sustain
profitability during an era of rapid business change.

Customer loyalty is the foundation of the travel and transportation industry, but consumers can be overwhelmed with the options available to them. Innovation and efficiency help you stand out, and Verde Tech Systems can help streamline operations, improve security and manage costs so you can meet your goals. Our expertise in travel solution delivery and e-business technologies will help bolster that crucial relationship with your customers.

Verde Tech Systems provides solution to the problems of railway industry through a variety of IT services. The services include:

Instant Ticket Booking Systems

Blockchain Based Security

Real-Time BI Reports

IoT Asset Management Tracking

Automated Testing

Machine Learning / AI

Complete Cloud Services

Verde Tech Systems provides a variety of IT and Business Process Services (BPS) to the Travel and Transportation sector. Our offerings include:

Custom Application Development

Application Maintenance Service

Cloud Services

Advanced Analytics & Data Science




Travel websites today carry out all travel bookings and payments with the Global Distribution System (GDS). This centralized system is expensive and vulnerable to data attacks because the information is accessible by many entities. Verde Tech Systems solves this issue by offering customized blockchain services that ensure the security of information and reduce costs compared to traditional verification processes.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Verde Tech Systems Systems empowers travel industries and other enterprises through IoT customized solutions that seamlessly connect the resources, operations and services needed to maximize efficiencies and address all industry requirements. We provide invaluable, unified solutions that optimize customer experiences and build crucial relationships between companies and customers.