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Verde Tech Systems provides a variety of Application Services to various industries. Our offerings include:

Software Testing

Verde Tech Systems’s Software Testing and Quality Assurance practice is a specialized, mature professional service that is built upon the following key strengths of the organization:

Experience in large-scale software testing for domestic and international corporations

Extensive technical expertise developed from years of SQA experience

Depth and competence across diverse technical platforms and tools

Innovative global delivery model that reduces cost for our clients without compromising on quality

Ability to effectively gain and retain knowledge of customer applications

Ability to scale up and meet peak demand for resources without having to maintain excess capacity

Verde Tech Systems’s track record of successful engagements and satisfied customers

Automated Testing

Application Development and Maintenance

Technology is changing rapidly, project timeframes are short and resources are limited. Verde Tech Systems’s development and implementation teams offer practical, efficient and cost-effective practices that enable business change. Balancing technical and functional business experience, our consultants work side by side with clients, ensuring that the application solution most closely meets the exact requirements.

With over 30 years of experience, our teams are well-versed in a wide variety of technologies and platforms, including methodology-based solutions, component-based development, web services and enterprise application integration.

When needed, Verde Tech Systems can provide application development solutions by breaking up the tasks into their onshore and offshore components — thus significantly reducing development costs without sacrificing quality or timeliness. With minimum downtime and volatility, your applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to key change requests and business requests.

Enterprise Application Development and Integration

When an organization makes a decision to buy a packaged software solution they face a new challenge in implementing, configuring and managing that application to get the best return on investment out of their off-the-shelf purchase. Verde Tech Systems has rich experience implementing a wide range of off-the-shelf software solutions, and can help you get your money’s worth from the investment.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) practice can assist in the first time implementation, the maintenance and support of an existing implementation, or in the extension of an already implemented ERP system to SCM or CRM.

Verde Tech Systems’s web technology solutions integrate web front-ends and e-software packages with existing ERP solutions, client-server applications, legacy systems and databases. We utilize multiple integration techniques including data integration tools, message oriented middleware and workflow automation tools.

With a unique combination of domain, technology and process expertise, we help our clients achieve world-class, robust, highly-scalable and business process-driven EAI architecture to address business requirements.

Verde Tech Systems has partnerships with leading ERP and middleware framework providers to ensure high performance solutions for clients. We provide the following services to our customers:


Architecture & Design

Development & Deployment


Enterprise Application Development and Integration

Verde Tech Systems can develop custom APIs to link webpages, enterprise applications and third-party applications.

Integrate and synchronize the new systems and business workflows using old or existing data sources with customized APIs

Improve business productivity and user experience with effective API integration solutions that use software systems and new emerging technologies

Developers with expertized skills in using REST, SOAP, JSON connecting with web services or micro services

UI/UX Design

Verde Tech Systems offers state-of-the-art solutions to address business objectives and provide refined user experiences

Anticipate user needs based on the business requirements to provide a successful user experience

Acquire and retain customers with beautiful and intuitive solutions using the enterprise applications

Promote positive user experience to maintain a positive reputation of the product trademark

Proficient resources like UX designers, UI developers with hands-on experience in AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, Spring Boot, Bootstrap etc.


Verde Tech Systems’s Software Testing and Quality Assurance practice is a specialized, mature professional service that is built upon the following key strengths of the organization:

Our Microsoft practice covers the entire development lifecycle for the Azure cloud, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the SharePoint Web platforms.

Verde Tech Systems has vast experience with TIBCO middleware and products providing clients with associated architecture, infrastructure, operations, implementation, integration and visualization services.